By John H. Hoffmann

Your Morality V. Mine

A Novel

Within the body of the Conclusions, one may contemplate or share the optimistic perceptions of the author and as he did, may occasionally get glimpses of their own soul. That failing, the reader will surely realize that the Conclusions strike at man’s heart, again and again and again.



As the doctor, or John Henry as the performing artist, he has uniquely experienced five conclusion creating careers in entertainment, doctoring, industry education and journalism.

Throughout life he recorded man’s attitudes, values and beliefs, all twelve words or less.

Dr. Hoffmann also carries professorial status from the University of Detroit and has authored five philosophy books, prior to this compendium.

As a world class pianist, John Henry has appeared in over 100 command performances, movies, television dramas, stage productions, seven annual Las Vegas Celebration of Life Concerts and has served as president of the Nevada Screen Actors Guild. Uniquely, society has paid him as an Actor, Surgeon, Concert Pianist, Professor, Investor, Poet, Author, Conductor, Arranger and nationally as an Editor, Columnist, Feature Writer and Medical Researcher, Administrator, Educator and Practitioner.

As an Educator and Professor, the author created the Nation’s first Department of Dental Sociology at the University of Detroit. That position and professorial rank arose after his in residence, development of the successful strategy and implementation of Illinois’ Mandatory Fluoridation Enactment. Involved here were 13,000,000 state residents, followed by Dental Directorships of the State of New Mexico and America’s largest and only legislated public practice, for the Territory of Guam with Surgical Appointment. As a dental researcher, the author served as the Principal Investigator for what then became the United States Government’s largest dental project with more than 20,000 enrollees.

The author received his American Dental Degree from the university of Oregon, his British Public Health Diploma from the University of Toronto, a Dental Administrative Residency from the State of Illinois and Certification in Dental Editing from Ohio State’s School of Journalism and is a Fellow in International College of Dentists.

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Thought provoking gems, and a great deal of insight from someone who seems to have lived a full life.  Thanks for the journey.

– Red


I really enjoyed the various wisdoms and wit in the book, I hope to read your other works and see if they are as wonderful as Morality.

– Jesse C.


Thanks for sharing all these life lessons and thoughts! I like the way it’s presented and ordered, really good read before bed.

– Kent Levison


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